Year 10 Japanese

Subject Description

Teacher in Charge: Miss J. Vincent.

Our Year 10 course builds on the topics covered in Year 9 and prepares you for interacting confidently in daily life situations. You will learn how to read and write using katakana script and kanji characters (Chinese characters) as well as continuing to use hiragana script. You will learn to discuss your daily activities, your likes and dislikes, and how to describe your friends and family.

An important part of all lessons is the cultural component. You will enjoy exploring both traditional and modern cultural aspects such as Fashion, music and food, and meeting students from our Japanese exchange schools.

This course gives you an excellent basis for NCEA Levels 1-3 and beyond.
New Zealand is part of the global economy and knowledge of Japanese can prepare you for a career in tourism, trade, media, marketing, diplomacy, interpreting, broadcasting, hospitality, music, and financing.

From Year 11 there are many exchange opportunities (both short and long term) available if you are interested in going to Japan to study.

Subject Overview

Term 1
Review of Year 9
Borrowed words and their alphabet
Fashion in Japan VS NZ

Term 2
Making Plans with friends
Help! I got lost on the way!

Term 3
Let's go eat at a Restaurant
Getting to know each other

Term 4
My family, Your family
Let's check the weather

Recommended Prior Learning

Year 9 Japanese

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

1x 1H5 square grid book for in-class work,
OPTIONAL - $20 for language perfect


Assessment Information

no assessment in junior school


All subject selections are provisional only and are subject to:

  • meeting any course entry requirements
  • minimum class sizes
  • the availability of teaching staff

and the final decision is at the discretion of the Head of Learning Area for that subject.