The Creative Arts - Music

Music - the perfect subject!

Why?  Music is a creative art form which also encompasses elements of Social Sciences, Mathematics and Science.

The NCEA pathway allows Music students to choose standards that will develop their own skill set and which will suit their academic plans.

Some students will follow a more PRACTICAL hands on pathway, and others may work on developing their knowledge of music theory, different genres/elements of music and research/analytical skills.

Music is also very future focused and incorporates a range of skills which employers are now identifying as crucial. Teamwork and working with others is key as all Music students work in  music performance groups throughout the year.  Performance skills, self confidence, resilience, perseverance and self management are strengthened as the students move from Y9 Music through to NCEA levels.

Creativity and research are also key components.  As we analyse pieces of music we also delve into the context and explore different research methods.  Creativity is fostered right from Y9 when students are introduced to their first digital music creation software.

What skills do you learn in Music?

We are always working on developing our instrumental/voice skills.  

Learning an instrument teaches you to develop practice skills along with self discipline and confidence.  

Working in a performance group teaches you how to work in a team and builds your self confidence when working with others.  

Music knowledge extends your research, analytical and critical thinking skills.  

Composition extends your creative thinking and lets you express your own musical ideas.  

Performing for others develops your resilience and confidence, and allows you to understand your own performance capability in a supportive environment.  

Great preparation for job interviews, driving tests and presentations!

Where can Music take you?

Musician (ok - so that is only a small number right?)

There are heaps of other jobs where Music gives you an advantage:

Teaching, Media,  Event Promotion, Theatre, Marketing, Composing, Sound Tech, Lighting Tech, Advertising, Instrument Retail, TV Production, Music Reviewer, Radio Jingles Singer, Digital Music Creator, Film Production, Roadie, Arts Management, Web Developer, Researcher, Media, Magazine Writer, Music Therapist, Actor, Director, Theatre Producer. Just some suggestions - there are lots more!