Level 1 Commerce

Subject Description

Teacher in Charge: V. Fraser

Recommended Prior Learning

Economics requires good literacy and numeracy skills. Business requires comprehension and high level reading.

Economics at Level 1 looks deeper into consumer behaviours by studying how to make the best possible use of limited resources to meet unlimited wants and needs. Students look from a producers point of view and the factors that influence supply. The market together of consumers and producers is then analysed with the influence of Government Interventions looking specifically at subsidies, taxes and price controls. Supply and demand curves are used in depth with technical graphing skills consistently applied. 

Business functions that are looked at in depth include marketing and human recruitment. The 4 P’s of marketing which are learned include product, price, place and promotion. 

The course focuses on 4 issues:

  • Consumer Demand, Producer Supply, Market Equilibrium, Marketing and Human Recruitment.

Students will participate in a class trip to a small-medium size business to research and analyse this business in regards to the marketing functions. They will present their findings in a detailed written report.

These topics and concepts vertically align with the achievement standards taught in the Level 2 Economics and Business course.

Learning Areas:

Social Sciences


Level 2 Commerce

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

The workbooks used during this course will be available for optional student purchase at a cost of $25 for Economics.

Assessment Information This course will consist of two internal assessments and three external examinations.

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