Level 1 English: Word Power

Subject Description

Teacher in Charge: M. Davies

Recommended Prior Learning

This course is for students who need support to achieve NCEA Level 1 English and Literacy credits. All students must choose an English course.

Students will have the opportunity to explore literature and language in a supported environment that allows them to develop communication and literacy skills while also exploring how we tell stories about ourselves and our world. Students will also have the option of sitting an external examination at the end of the year. The course delivers the standards for the literacy requirement for NCEA Level One. 

This course is by recommendation from your Y10 English teacher in consultation with the HOD English. Please speak to Mrs Davies or Mrs Gibson before selecting this course.

Because Subject Selection 2022 is starting during lockdown you must request entry into this course by submitting an Exemption Request. Your request will be reviewed and if it is is approved you will be added to this course.

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Detailed Subject Outline

Level 2 English: Word Up