Level 2 English: The Written Word

Subject Description

Teacher in Charge: M. Davies

Recommended Prior Learning

15 Level 1 Achievement Standard credits in English, including AS 90052. Students must choose an English course.

This course covers the three main areas of English: written, visual and oral language. The course follows on from NCEA Level One and aims to further develop students' skills of analysis by exploring our place in the world through a range of texts including poetry and the modern novel, while also improving and honing creative and transactional writing skills. 

It delivers the standards for the literacy requirement for University Entrance.

If you think Level 2 English Word Up is the course you should be taking you can submit an Exemption Request. Find the Level 1 English Word Up course through the English Learning Area page.

Learning Areas:


Detailed Subject Outline

Level 3 English: Communication English, Level 3 English: English in Aotearoa, Level 3 English: The Written Word