Level 2 History

Subject Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr M. Hurley

Recommended Prior Learning

Students are advised that it is beneficial to have achieved the basic standards of literacy at Level 1.

The central theme of the Year 12 History course is: Responding to Challenge

The course considers how political and social turmoil has shaped our world

A range of twentieth century examples (both New Zealand and International) will be investigated to gain an understanding as to how turmoil has impacted on society. For example:

  • Protest in New Zealand, eg Vietnam War
  • World War I and anti-conscription in New Zealand/Te Puea Herangi
  • The Nuclear World and the anti-nuclear/peace movement
  • Impact of Urbanisation on Maori - post World War II Maori culture under threat
  • Homosexual Law Reform
  • Second wave of feminism

Assessment will comprise up to three internal standards and two external standards for NCEA Level 2. 

Learning Areas:

Social Sciences


Level 3 History