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Level 2 Japanese

Subject Description

Teacher in Charge: Miss J. Vincent.

Recommended Prior Learning

Study of Japanese in Year 11.

The course continues to develop the skills needed to understand and use every day written and spoken Japanese. The course is being able to communicate effectively in less familiar contexts. Students have to be committed to learning vocabulary and language features, and to preparing their portfolios for internal assessments. Cultural studies are integrated into the course. All standards are at Level 2.

The topics covered in level 2 are broader than in level 1. We will do a lot of comparisons between Aotearoa culture and Japanese culture.

Subject Overview

Term 1
Introductory unit - A review of year 11 Japanese with a focus on vocabulary and grammar needed for each student.

Homestay - A unit exploring the cultural and language knowledge needed for a homestay in Japan or to be a good host sibling. With a focus on daily life and the expectations of a homestay, you will be fully prepared for your own potential homestay!

Trip to Japan/Around the city - Explore around a Japanese city, taking recommendations of places to go and see while you're there. Learn how to talk about what others have told you and how to plan for an amazing day around a Japanese city!

Term 2
Education in Comparison - An expansion on the year 11 school topic. This focuses on the expectations of a Japanese school system in comparison with Aotearoa. Learn and explore education at all ages and how to talk about the stresses and the fun of your education experience.

Food and Dining out - Japanese cuisine is known for being delicious and filled with interesting flavours. Learn how to write and talk about how you enjoy food and learn how to understand recipes in Japanese (and make a few too!)

Term 3
Celebrations! - Japanese festivals and celebrations are exciting and filled with interesting things that you may have never experienced. Learn how to respectfully talk about big moments in a persons life in Japanese.

Reporting on an event - We love to talk about the things that happen to us but how can we recount a story of joy or a tale of sorrow to a friend and make it capture everyone's attention? In this unit, we recount what happened, where, who, why and your opinion on it!

Term 4
Preparation for external assessment

Learning Areas:

Languages and Te Reo Māori

Assessment Information

The assessment system is similar than in level 1.


Level 3 Japanese

Career Pathways

Chef, Recycler/Dismantler, Historian, Flight Attendant, Counsellor, Minister of Religion, Trainer, Journalist, Interpreter, Musician, Editor, Corrections Officer, Data Entry Operator/Transcriptionist, Foreign Policy Officer, Radio Presenter, Workplace Relations Adviser, Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), Importer/Exporter, Immigration Officer, Kaiwhakaako Māori, Translator, Private Teacher/Tutor

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

$20 for Language Perfect
1X 1H5 notebook


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