Level 3 Commerce

Subject Description

Teacher in Charge: V. Fraser

Recommended Prior Learning

Previous study in Commerce is essential. 12 credits at either Level One or Level Two will generally be required as a pre-requisite to study at this level.

Commerce at Level 3 builds upon Level 2 concepts, combining Business Studies and AgriBusiness concepts with Economic concepts allowing the students to leave with a broad approach to the world around them.

The internal assessments allow students to build a marketing plan using a relevant, local New Zealand business creating a strategy that refers to marketing objectives, the businesses SMART goals, forecasting and contingency plans.

Agribusiness is brought into the mix through innovation where students will analyse how a product meets market needs through innovation in the value chain exploring tools such as Biosecurity methods, Apps for digital devices, GPS trackers and drones for delivery and precision horticulture which is very relevant to New Zealand’s agricultural economy and preparing the students for the 21st Century. 

Externals are focused on Economic standards where students will look at the efficiency of the macro-economic approach to the economy and the impact of government actions. 

Students can expect to have a greater understanding of the major sectors within the economy as well as how behaviours and decisions influence the allocation of scare resources between individuals and firms. How Government interventions can expand or contract the economy are also analysed through fiscal and monetary policy and the flow- on effect this has for households, producers and net exports by looking at the balance of payments.

This course allows students to use this subject as University Entrance with 20 credits available through two internal and two external assessments.

Learning Areas:

Social Sciences

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The workbooks used during this course will be available for optional student purchase at a cost of $35.00.


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