St Mary’s College (Wellington) St Mary’s College (Wellington)

Year 9 French

Subject Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms K. Atkinson.

Recommended Prior Learning

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This course is full a year. Students will learn basic greetings and talking about their family and hobbies. There is an emphasis on cultural understanding. Students will participate in many events across languages and explore the culture of the language they study.


Subject Overview

Term 1
greetings and self introduction
days of the week, months
numbers and counting
likes and dislikes
French-speaking places from around the world

Term 2
what I like and dislike
my family
the weather
cultural unit
my city

Term 3
greetings and self introduction
my family

Term 4
what I like and dislike
cultural unit
my city

Learning Areas:

Languages and Te Reo Māori


Year 10 French

Career Pathways

Chef, Furniture Finisher, Historian, Flight Attendant, Counsellor, Minister of Religion, Trainer, Journalist, Interpreter, Musician, Editor, Corrections Officer, Data Entry Operator/Transcriptionist, Foreign Policy Officer, Radio Presenter, Workplace Relations Adviser, Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), Importer/Exporter, Immigration Officer, Kaiwhakaako Māori, Translator, Private Teacher/Tutor

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

notebook B5


All subject selections are provisional only and are subject to:

and the final decision is at the discretion of the Head of Learning Area for that subject.