Mathematics and Statistics

Kei hopu tōu ringa ki te aka tāepa, engari kia mau ki te aka matua. 

Mathematics is a basic necessity in many aspects of everyday life. Anyone who wants to create a budget, organise a holiday, wallpaper a room, or build a fence,… requires maths skills. This involves the ability to calculate, to estimate, and to reason logically. At St Mary’s we prepare our students with Mathematics skills required in everyday life as well as the advanced understanding needed to lead into many career choices. Our main aim is to build students confidence in Mathematics and encourage an understanding in its usefulness. 

There are many opportunities for students to extend their love of Mathematics including;

  • The Australian Maths Competition
  • The Otago Maths Competition
  • Mathswell
  • University of Canterbury Mathematics Papers
  • Enrichment Google Classroom

Mathematics and Statistics are used to solve some of the worlds biggest challenges and to accomplish some of the most amazing feats. From the calculus used to put a rocket into space to the use of statistical modelling to analyse virus outbreaks.