Year 10 Music

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Teacher in Charge: Ms E. Steedman

Year 10 Music offers plenty of variety while building on creativity and performance skills. It is the perfect course for students who enjoy a mixture of practical, creative and theoretical components.

A big change from Year 9 Music, is that in Year 10 you get to focus on your own instrument and your own style. You will keep working on at least one solo instrument or singing, and you will also combine with others in musical groups. This might be a a band, a vocal ensemble, or an instrumental group. We work on group practical all year, so you will be able to try different groups, with the groups developing skills to perform confidently in front of others.

We also build on the things you learnt about creating your own music. You will learn about the lyric/song writing, and how to use other music composing software. You’ll be learning more about your own musical style. This might be writing in a classical music style, or creating digital music/electronic music. There are lots of possibilities. Confidence in your own creative thinking is a vital skill for all career pathways.
Along with the practical parts of the course, you will learn about music literacy and theory (you don’t need to be an expert already), more about chords and harmony and you will also learn about different instruments and musical genres.

Year 10 Music forms the basis for NCEA Level 1 Music, and students will begin work towards AS91091 Solo Performance, AS91092 Group Performance and AS91092 Composition. 


Level 1 Music

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