Level 1 Drama

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Teacher in Charge: Ms M. Figgest

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Drama comes under the umbrella of the Arts in the NZ Curriculum. It provides opportunity for students to gain knowledge and life-skills that will equip them for a number of career pathways. 

Level 1 Drama begins the pathway for NCEA Drama through to Level 3 and Scholarship.

Students will:

  • Work to strengthen self-awareness, self-confidence and resilience.
  • Work to understand and appreciate their place within the world and their connections with others.
  • Work as individuals and as part of a team to develop the disciplines and skills of self-management, reflective practice, collaboration and leadership.
  • Develop skills of analysis, interpretation and communication through performance, using the techniques of voice, body, movement and space.
  • Investigate the forms and purposes of drama in different historical, geographical and cultural contexts.
  • Develop skills of research, evaluation and refinement of ideas in creating drama performance using the conventions of drama.
  • Perform and respond to drama, making critical judgements about how techniques, elements, conventions and technologies are used to create form and meaning in their own and others’ work. 
Year 11 Drama Clowning Class


Learning Areas:

The Creative Arts - Drama

Detailed Subject Outline

Level 2 Drama

Career Pathways

Actor, Copywriter, Art Director (Film, Television or Stage), Barrister, Author, Journalist, Technical Writer, Legal Executive, Solicitor, Director (Film, Television, Radio or Stage), Early Childhood Teacher, Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), Media Producer, Production Assistant (Film, Television, Radio or Stage), Primary School Teacher, Private Teacher/Tutor, Production Manager, Secondary School Teacher, Teacher Aide

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

Stationery: clear file folder.
Students will be required to attend at least one professional performance throughout the year.

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