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Level 1 Mathematics - Modelling Problems in Aotearoa

Subject Description

Teacher in Charge:

Recommended Prior Learning

Year 10 Mathematics.
Good algebraic skills are essential for this course. 

Teachers will recommend which Mathematics course is most appropriate. 

This course focuses on modelling problems in Aotearoa using statistical, algebraic and graphical methods. It is best suited to students who enjoy and have some strength with working with algebraic concepts.

This course would suit students interested in the following careers; Data Science and Modelling, Computer Science, Design and Programming, Engineering, Environmental and Earth Studies, Finance and Social Sciences, Science and Technology, Education.

This course could lead to a specialism in either Mathematics or Statistics or both in year 12.

This course is best suited to students who have strong skills in Year 10 Mathematics - this means consistently working at Level 5 of the curriculum (particularly in number and algebra topics). If you are not currently at the level but are keen to pursue this area please have a conversation with your teacher and HOLA.

Your maths teacher will give you advice on which year 11 course to select. 

Learning Areas:

Mathematics and Statistics


Level 2 Mathematics, Level 2 Mathematics and Statistics Internal

Career Pathways

Actuary, Army Soldier, Electronics Engineer, Tailor/Dressmaker, Biomedical Engineer, Biomedical Technician, Mechanical Engineer, Buyer, Clinical Physiologist, Physician, Dental Assistant, Driving Instructor, Health Services Manager, Navy Sailor, Real Estate Agent, Secondary School Teacher, Valuer, Intelligence Officer

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

Walker workbooks will be used for some topics. These can be purchased through the school.


All subject selections are provisional only and are subject to:

and the final decision is at the discretion of the Head of Learning Area for that subject.