Level 1 Music

Subject Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms E. Steedman

Recommended Prior Learning

Completion or Year 10 Music is recommended but not essential. Students with some background in an instrument or voice can often take this subject.  If you didn't take 10 Music we always love to have more students join our classes.  Please see Miss Steedman and she will talk through the standards with you to make sure it is a good option choice for you. 

Year 11 Music is a course which offers plenty of variety. Students learn about different pieces of music, work in a band, vocal or chamber music group, learn about creating music and extend their knowledge of music theory.

All students will focus on their solo performance and developing their musicianship and technical skills.  This can be an instrument or voice.  Some students use this for their group performance and others extend their skills on a different instrument which fits into the group.

Music knowledge is developed by studying two pieces of music over the year and looking at the history, context and background from two contrasting genres.

For their final standards students will select if they would like to work towards music composition (songwriting/digital music or notated composition) OR enter the external score reading exam.  Those with background in music reading may work towards both of these standards in consultation with the HOLA Music.

What skills do you learn in Music?

We are always working on developing our instrumental/voice skills.  Learning an instrument teaches you to develop practice skills along with self discipline and confidence.  Working in a performance group teaches you how to work in a team and builds your self confidence when working with others.  Music knowledge extends your research and analytical skills.  Composition extends your creative thinking and lets you express your own musical ideas.  Performing for others develops your resilience and confidence, and allows you to understand your own performance capability in a supportive environment.  Great preparation for job interviews, driving tests and presentations!

Learning Areas:

The Creative Arts - Music


Level 2 Music