Level 2 Music

Subject Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms E. Steedman

Recommended Prior Learning

Year 11 Music OR talk with the HOLA Music Miss Steedman.

At this level, students will have the opportunity to start developing an individual programme. All students will complete solo and group performance standards, and will be encouraged to work towards events such as the Chamber Music festival, Rockquest, Pasifica Beats or school events for their group performance assessments. Students will also investigate an aspect of NZ Music in which they are particularly interested.
To complete their programme, students will focus on their interests and strengths, selecting from composition/songwriting, music topic study, score reading, instrumentation, music technology or second instrument.

Students will develop skills in key areas of creativity, research, working with others and confidence in front of an audience, and must be taking instrumental or vocal lessons through the school itinerant music programme or with an instrumental tutor outside of school.

Students choose a combination of standards from those offered, based on their own interests, strengths and HOLA Music recommendation. A total of 14-24 credits is advised.  

Learning Areas:

The Creative Arts - Music


Level 3 Music