Level 3 Drama

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Teacher in Charge: Ms M. Figgest

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In Year 13 Drama students will:

  •  Research, analyse, and critically evaluate how drama, including New Zealand drama, interprets, records, or challenges social and cultural discourse.
  • Research, analyse, and integrate elements, techniques, conventions, and technologies in dramatic forms for specific purposes.
  • Analyse, rehearse, and perform works in a range of dramatic forms, assuming a variety of artistic and technical responsibilities.
  • Reflect on and critically evaluate a wide range of works and performances.
  • Research, critically evaluate, and refine ideas to create original drama work.

 The Year 13 production requires considerable extra commitment from students. They should be prepared to commit a minimum of two weekends and three evenings for performance. 

Learning Areas:

The Creative Arts - Drama

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

Stationery: A clear file folder
Students are required to see two live performances in the year as a requirement for their external assessment.

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