Level 1 Digital Technologies

Subject Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms J. Syme

Recommended Prior Learning

Open Entry. However this course assumes that you already have a basic idea of how to use computers for everyday applications. This course covers Digital Information, Digital Media and Computer Programming strands of the Digital Technologies curriculum. If you like problem solving, being creative and finding out how things work, then this is the course for you.

Year 11 Digital Technologies (NCEA Level 1) will give you a range of learning opportunities that will prepare you for more focused senior courses. The course will strengthen core knowledge related to the management of digital information, and also involves learning to be a creator in the digital world. Students have the opportunity to be designers, creators and inventors of technology, not just the operators. Almost every career has a computing component in it now and this course will help future-proof job opportunities.

The course will include standards from the following areas:

Designing and developing digital outcomes Understanding that digital systems and applications are created for humans by humans, and developing knowledge and skills in using different digital technologies to create digital content across a range of digital media.

Our course focuses on designing and developing websites and databases.

Computational thinking for digital technologies Understanding the computer science principles that underlie all digital technologies, and learning how to develop instructions, such as programming, to control these technologies.

Standards from this area focus on programming with Python, and demonstrating understanding of human computer interaction.

Learning Areas:



Level 2 Digital Technologies

web developer, computer games developer, software developer, systems analyst, computer games tester, IT trainer, database administrator, computer service and repair technician, electronics engineer, programmer, digital marketing, Ecommerce, graphic design, social media marketing, computer scientist, machine learning engineer, secretary.