Year 11 Information

At Year 11 the compulsory courses are:

  • Religious Education
  • An English course
  • A Mathematics course

In addition, it is recommended that Year 11 students should study a Science course.

Have a LOOK at the Google Slide Overview for Year 11

This choice of courses gives the broadest base on which to build further education and training, and ensures that all options are kept open for future career choices. 

Most students will study six courses for NCEA Level 1 (Religious Education, an English, a Mathematics course plus 3 others).

Please discuss your choices with your whānau, teachers, Dean and the Pathways Advisor.


English, Mathematics and Science have a number of pathways through the courses. The following flow charts should help you to choose the correct course for your ability and future needs.




Science Course Outline

Think about where you would like each of these courses to take you and your skill level and interest in each course. Remember that entry to university requires that you have, as a minimum:

  • 10 Numeracy credits at Level 1 or above.
  • 10 Literacy credits (5 reading, 5 writing) at Level 2 or above.

In addition to Level 3 credits from the other courses which you will study at that level. So, if you are planning to go to university you must continue to study the courses which will give you the credits you need for entry. You will find more information about university entrance in the Year 13 section of 'Useful Information' on SchoolPoint.